… in "almost" one week flat! :-)

Zoe Beerstow

Hi, I'm Zoe…

… and yes, it is true. It is possible to potty train your toddler in under a week. I'm going to show you how.

By now you have probably watched your child grow through many milestones and achieve some amazing new skills. The time has come to conquer a whole new skill – potty training.

If you are anything like me you're probably dreading this time in your child's life. Well, here is the good news – if you follow the step-by-step method in this guide then the whole process should be pretty painless.

The only other things you'll need are patience, dedication and consistency. I'll show you how to do the rest. What bits you'll need to get to help you along. What problems to watch out for, and how to deal with them? Everything you need, to make this process as smooth as possible for you, and most importantly for your little one.

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I recommend that you read this book in order, from start to finish. Don't be tempted to jump ahead, and skip chapters…

I've written down everything in the order you need to implement it, so that each chapter and step builds on the previous one. To help you even more, I've created a few charts, and one-page summaries that you can print out and use as a quick-help-guide whenever you wish.

My guide is concise and straight to the point. You should find it easy to use, with a printable potty training shopping list, an easy to follow checklist – to help you see if your child is actually ready for potty training, and even a free potty training chart for you and your little one to track the progress you're making.

Here is a quick outline of what you'll find in my potty training guide:

  • How to identify when your child is ready to be potty trained. This gives you list of milestones that your child should have ideally achieved before starting to potty train. The more ready your child is the more likely you are to be successful.
  • What items you need to buy for the whole process to go as smoothly as possible.
  • Potty training time! This is action time. Here you'll find the step-by—step instructions on how to successfully potty train your child.
  • Toilet training twins and multiples. If you have two or more children to train at the same time this section is for you.
  • How to deal with some common problems. This chapter will discuss what problems you are likely to face in this process, and the best way to deal with them.
  • Night time potty training. What to do, and how you can achieve success.
  • Serious health problems and what to do about them. Problems such as constipation and bedwetting are dealt with in this chapter.
    • Important points to consider:

    • Potty hygiene.
    • The difference between training boys and girls.
    • Different terminology that you can to use when talking to your child.
    • How to use the potty training rewards chart for making things fun and rewarding.
    • Never looking back – a job well done! Time to stop worrying because you've done it!
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Most mothers want to know the answers to the same questions. These are answers to your questions.
  • Printable checklist. This is a very helpful list that you can print off and keep where it is easily accessible for you. Refer to it to remind you of how far you are in the process.
  • Potty training wall chart. This is your tool – your faithful ally. Print off and use to make things more fun and to keep your child involved. Beats having to buy one!!!

So before we "dive right in", remember:

There is no right or wrong age to train a child to use the potty. Just like all adults are different, all children are different. The age varies from 18 months to four years old for a child to develop the necessary physical and cognitive skills in order to use the potty. But again, it will depend on your child as to when he or she is ready.

One thing is for sure, for potty training to be successful your child needs to be ready. The signs to look out for will be described in the next chapter.

The other accessories that you need to arm yourself with to ensure your success are being patient, calm, reassuring and most of all, consistent with the routine!

All children acquire skills at different rates so it's difficult to assign a definite time line as to how long it will take to potty train your child.

Normally, girls will take to it faster than boys and from my own experience and through talking with other mothers it's true. My son took at least four weeks to learn to use the potty properly, but my daughter only took a week.

Some claim it has to do with the fact that girls have their mothers to copy. Boys will often copy their mom too, but if they had a male role model to follow they should catch on a lot quicker.

Nonetheless, both my children still had accidents even after they were trained. That's something that you need to bear in mind when you attempt potty training.

Learning a new skill is hard for children, especially since most have short attention spans. They are easily preoccupied with playing and learning about the other things in the world around them, so inevitably they sometimes ignore their own body's signals.

I feel I have to say it again – the most important thing is that the more ready your child is when you start potty training, the more successful and less painless the whole experience will be.

Potty Training Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Is My Child Ready to Use The Potty?

Chapter 2 – Potty Training Shopping List

Chapter 3 – Potty Training Time!

Chapter 4 – How to Deal With Potty Accidents?

Chapter 5 – Potty Training Twins & Multiples

Chapter 6 – Introducing Night Training

Chapter 7 – More Serious Potty Training Problems to Consider

Chapter 8 – Important Potty Training Considerations

Chapter 9 – Never Looking Back… 
a Job Well Done!

Frequently Asked Questions